Q2 2019

-3.46% ytd
-5.95% since inception

The Fund performance is down despite an increase in dividends received from its holdings. The drag was traced back to the deteriorating price action of SHLPH. To stop the bleeding, the exposure was reduced from 35 to 5 percent. The proceeds were then reallocated to dividend paying stocks whose yields are above the 5-year time deposit rate.


Q1 2019

+1.23% ytd
-2.97% since inception

SHLPH decreased its cash dividend from five to three php per share; given its 53% position in the portfolio, the Fund began to diversify to prevent an over reliance on a single income position especially to one that has a decreasing cash payout yoy.


Santos Capital is a family fund which aims to accumulate assets that produce passive income. The Fund shall be built up by savings, rental property income and reinvested dividends.

Starting capital at 55,772 php.